About Us

Mysto Mead LLC Mission Statement

Our mission at Mysto is to go on a creative adventure into the world of Mead. We seek to provide the public with a modern version of this fascinating ancient beverage.  Our mission includes the creation of unique flavors by layering fresh and healing ingredients, making a honey-wine sophisticated in taste, refreshing in the summer and warming in the winter. We work in small batches in our new mead-works in the beautiful Hudson Valley where we source our honey and grow some of our herbs. Our untreated, mineral rich spring water yields a silky sensual moonstone Mead of the highest quality.

How Mysto Mead Got Its Name

Mysto Mead began in Bob’s basement. Mysto Mead began in Andrea’s mind. Mysto Mead began in Ira’s barn. Mysto Mead began in Kurt and Lisa’s studio.  Having discovered mead  during his his years of study with herbs and plant medicines, and after making it at home for many years,  Bob really wanted to take it to the next level.  His wife Andrea had a vision: she said “Why don’t you team up with Kurt?”  Kurt and his wife Lisa had a barn in Putnam county, and Kurt was known to be a an excellent artist and craftsman, and his wife Lisa and Andrea are childhood friends. Bob called Kurt and told him that he had to taste some of this remarkable stuff called Mead. Kurt has not been the same since. In a good way.  Renovations soon began on Ira’s old barn, may he rest in peace. (Ira was Lisa’s father). They turned part of the barn into a Meadworks. This is where it gets interesting. During the renovation, Lisa and Kurt were searching through the barn’s top floor and lo and behold they found woodcuts and labels for Ira’s old home-made Mead. It turned out that Ira, an artist, winemaker and bon vivant, had been making mead many years earlier.  They also found a woodcut Ira had helped his then twelve year old son David make. The woodcut was a calling card for young David’s new line of work as a magician. He called himself “Mysto the Magician”.  And that’s how Mysto Mead got it’s name.

Since the spring of 2014, when renovation began, it was always felt somehow that Ira was very pleased with all the changes. Kurt and Bob fermented the first big batch on the winter solstice of 2014. Lisa and Andrea are doing design and media work and are a big help with the tastings.

That’s our story. Everyone is having a lot of fun now that the plumbing is done.