The Adventurous Drinkers Club

If your schedule doesn’t permit hang gliding the Himalayas this summer- well, then:

Join The Adventurous Drinker’s Club!

We will send you 4 bottles of amazing hand-made mead 4 times a year.

Stay home and be adventurous!

It’s whitewater rafting down the Colorado!

A few examples of what of what we will send you (you get to choose):  Coffee Mead, Pear/Vanilla Mead, Damiana Mead, Hawthorn Mead, Sparkling mead, Grapefruit/Bay Leaf mead, Rosemary/Sage mead or any of our regular releases. Your choice.

4 bottles- 60 bucks and $10 for shipping

Yeah baby!  Keep your spirit fortified all year long.

Club Membership details here

Above Photo Hangliding : Himalayan OdysseyRafting: Summit Peaks Lodge