Club Membership Details

It’s so easy.  We will notify you two weeks before each ship date to ask you which variety of our meads you wish to receive.  You tell us.  We charge your credit card $70 for 4 bottles of mead (this includes $10 for shipping). We ship them to you.  You drink them and feel great!

Release dates coincide with the seasons:  SPRING March 1.  SUMMER June 1. FALL September 1. WINTER December 1.

Mysto makes a lot of different meads that are not available on-line or in stores.  These are special one of a kind creations for our club members.  We will have a varying assortment and our main selections will always be available for The Adventurous Drinkers as well.

There may be an additional shipping charge for Adventurous Drinkers outside the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

MORE SOON  Please call 917-374-5244 for any other details on getting great mead delivered to your home sweet home.